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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Packages vNext: Power-up our .NET Builds

In the sequel of my previous post "Managing multiple platforms in Visual Studio", having done lots of cross-platform development in .NET in the recent years both at work or for SharpDX (with platform specific assemblies, PCL, assemblies using native compiled code... etc) while trying to trick and abuse nuget and msbuild as much as possible, I have realized that in order to provide a smooth integration of "build packages", this require to be more tightly integrated at the core of a build system.

Unfortunately, we only have today a patchwork of this integration, still quite incomplete and far from what it could be, and this is hurting a lot our development process. We really need something brand new here: we have lots of inputs, usecases, and while it is of course not possible to cover every aspects of all build workflows, It is certainly possible to address most of the common issues we are facing today. Let's try to figure out where this could lead!