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Friday, January 8, 2010

Building .fx hlsl files with a Custom Build Rule under Visual Studio 2008

It's sometimes convenient to be able to compile directly a .fx file under a VS C++ project. NShader provides a nice way to highlight your code, but it's not able (yet, not sure I will update it up to this feature) to compile anything or to display syntax errors.

Hopefully, there is a simple workaround, avoiding to develop your own custom building task : using a custom build rule. Unfortunately, I was able to find one a while ago on Internet, but I lost it, and if I remember, it was lacking some features (like showing all available profiles)... So I decided yesterday to implement my own building rules files, leveraging on the existing .asm rules files that is shipped with Visual Studio, and It was surprisingly easy to write it.

To add this custom building rules to VS, follow these instructions: