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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Managed DirectX with Win8 Metro Style App

Since my last post is quite old, it's time to give more insight about the latest features included in the recent release of SharpDX 2.0 beta. This release is a major step for SharpDX as it includes lots of new APIs but also provides a preview of developing Managed DirectX from a Windows 8 Metro style application. In the meantime, I have been pretty busy as I got a job in a gamedev company located in Japan that is developing a new rendering engine in C#... which is using SharpDX for its windows rendering, and that's extremely exciting to work on a project like this (and of course rewarding for all the investement done in SharpDX!).

While SharpDX is starting to cover almost the whole DirectX API as well as some new Windows Multimedia API (like WIC), I put some effort, just after the Microsoft Build conference, on providing a preview of using SharpDX from a Win8 Metro style application, which is a fantastic opportunity for a C#/.Net developer to use DirectX from both a Metro style application and Desktop application using the same API.

Finally SharpDX is also going to get some new APIs and some interesting features in the following months, especially in the performance domain, to reduce as much as possible the difference of performance between a native C++ DirectX application and a managed C# DirectX application, that will deserve a post on its own. But lets start with what has been achieved in the latest 2.0 version!